Why Shop With Us

Mewcatx consists of the team of people who own and love cats. We make sure that our customers get exactly what they are looking for and get the best for their hard earned money. We are commited to use 40% of our profits for sheltering and helping out homeless cats.

Mewcatx team ensures to deliver these 8 unique benefits to our customers every time they shop with us.


1. You'll save money

A product usually have to go through multiple channels before reaching your local store. Multiple channels involves multiple parties or people, Which means you have to pay a lot more than the original product value. Doesn't sounds great,  right?

Don't worry, here is the solution.

Mewcatx is associated directly with the production houses for the fulfilment of your orders and ensures you will get all the cat lover stuff you need at the minimal price.

2. You'll Save time


We all know how time consuming it is to visit you local market to shop for something we really need. Most of the times we have to pre-plan everything and still end up killing our whole weekend. If you're a cat lover and owner you will agree that most of the times we end up visiting multiple stores and still have to compromise.

No more, Mewcatx ensures every cat lover gets the product he/she needs at one platform,

3. Lifetime Free Shipping

What's the best thing about shopping online?

Yes, you're right. You can do shopping while sitting at you're home.

And What's the worst or not so cool thing?

You have to pay for the shipping. Isn't it?

What if I tell you, right from this moment you will not have to pay for the shipping?

Yes, you heard it right. Mewcatx doesn't charge any shipping for your orders irrespective of your order values. This benefit is also valid for the gifts and free products you will get from us.

Shipping is free on Mewcatx and always will.

4. Zero Custom Duties and Taxes

Taxes and customs are the words that makes everyone turn off, except the government of-course, isn't it?

We pay most of our hard earned cash in taxes and we cannot do a lot about it.

We definitely cannot promise you that we will pay your income taxes but we can promise you one thing i.e. you don't have to pay any taxes and custom duties on the products you'll buy from us.

Mewcatx covers all the additional costs and taxes associated with your order and make sure there is not hidden cost to your order. We are able to do that as we are directly associated with the production houses, which help us to provide maximum benefits to our customers

5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever bought some product online and got a wrong or damages product and had some hard time with the seller for the exchange or refunds?

I Bet You Did.

Most of the sellers don't give a damn about your experience with the product as soon as they get your money, they stop bothering about you. This is not the problem only with the small retailers, some big brands in E-commerce have the same problem. The best thing  you can get from them is an exchange. And What if you realised you never wanted the product and just want your cash back?

Mewcatx is not just another big, fat and cold E-commerce business. We always consider ourself as a responsible member of the Cat lovers family  therefore we trust our customers reviews and have this unique policy where you can get your whole refund in 30 days from your order if you have problem with the product.


6. 100% Secure Payments

When there is lots of stuff happpening on the internet, cybersecurity and privacy is the top priority for every shopper.

Mewcatx use SSL encryption for it's online shop and payments are verified by paypal to ensures you will get 100% secure online experience and payments. 


7. Free Lifetime Subscription and Membership

We at Mewcatx believe  "Every Cat is Special and Every Cat Owner is Important."

Adding value to our Cat Lovers community is our top priority. As a cat owner, we know how much you care about your cats and living with a cat is not a cake walk. As a cat lover and owner we all have a lot of questions regarding our cats and it's not possible to consult a vet everytime.

Mewcatx offers free life-time membership to every cat lover and owner to its community, where they can connect with other cat owners and can share their cat stories, problems and advice. Good reason to smile?

Wait a second, here is something more for you lovely people. You'll also get our cat grooming articles and facts free for lifetime on joining our community on suscribing with us.

The best thing about free membership is you don't have to buy anything for that.

8. Free Cat Lovers Gifts and Discounts

We kept this last on our list but it's not lesser than any of the other 7 benefits.

We here at Mewcatx believe our customers as part of our cat lovers community. We ensure you will get best offers and run contests in our community with free gifts and cash prices for your valuable time you spent with us. Mewcatx  prioritize value addition for the community members and don't spam you with the things you don't want to buy.

So, What do you think about these 8 unique benefits? Liked it?

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