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About Us - Mewcatx

Hello cat lovers, we are from Mewcatx and our team consist of members who love and owns cats. Mewcatx is a fun and innovative company that specializes in cat and other pets theme products.Mewcatx was founded in 2016.  All of our products are responsibly selected and designed  in USA, Europe and Asia with "Passion and Love".

Mewcatx  brand was created in tribute to all those special cats, which are homeless and we contribute 40% of our profits towards them.  Our brand is about Love, inspiration and expression.

Mewcatx created a positive impact in the life of 41 cats and dogs through donations to local animal rescue teams.

We also rescued 4 homeless cats which are now part of our family.


Mewcatx wish to continue this work through our entrepreneurial journey. 

Our business vision is to provide quality, trendy,  funny, innovative, unique products that can bring smiles and happiness to our customers and these lovely cats and dogs. Because we ship from multiple warehouse, please allow for up to 2-4 weeks for any items that may ship from international warehouses.

If you have any feedback for us.

Please reach us at solutions@mewcatx.com.

Thank you again for your time!

Sheila Wilson, CEO