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''Time spent with the cat is never wasted'' - Sigmund Freud

People have enjoyed the companionship of animals for thousands of years, and it's common knowledge and reasoning that having a dog encourages you to go for healthy walks. Recently, though, research scientists have been trying to discover if there are actual, measurable health benefits associated with pet ownership, and how these benefits come about. But these studies bring out that cat owners are generally healthier than other pet owners.

We at Mewcatx brings to you 7 amazing reasons why you should have cats. These 7 reasons to own a cat are scientifically and socially proven. Check them out. HERE WE GO..... 

1. Cats Make You Healthy

Cat Makes You Healthy - Blog

Petting your cat releases those ‘feel good’ Oxycontin chemicals. Every cat parent feels it, even if we may not put it into words and I think maybe one of the best reasons why you should have a cat.  cat love is a boost to our well-being. Even just being with a cat has a soothing effect. The relaxation we feel can be measured as a slower heartbeat and a drop in blood pressure. Cats really are good for our health. Interacting with them lowers our blood pressure and simply keeps us happy. Owning a cat will drop stress and anxiety levels. That happy furry presence, lightly snaking a tail around our legs or curling into our laps while we read a novel, brings comfort and calm into our too-busy lives.

Research has shown that this reduction is particularly noticeable in people who suffer from high blood pressure. The reduction in blood pressure from cat ownership is the same as you would get by changing to a low salt diet or by cutting down on alcohol.

 That decreased anxiety and stress levels reduce the risk of heart attack. 

 2. Cats Are the World’s Best Sleep Aid

cats world best sleeping aid - Blog

Several polls in UK & Canada have found that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats than with their partners, and they even report sleeping better with a cat than with a human. A recent study from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine indicates that they might be on to something: 48 percent of the people in that study indicated that they slept better because of their pet, while only 12 percent said that it led to disturbances.

Turning off the cell phone, shutting down the work emails circling your brain, lavender-scented pillows—those may help you settle down for the night, but the presence of a cat is an instant fix in transporting you to dreamland. Unlike any other sound, the thrum of a steady purr calms us, bringing the same reassurance a mama cat provides to the newborn kittens who rely on her purring to tell them they’re safe, warm, and loved. Even a white noise app can’t do that.

3. Cats Can Teach Tolerance

Cat Teaches Tolerance  - Blog

 Famously independent by nature, cats won’t adjust personality traits just to please their humans, but offer their own special brand of affection and support. Cats teach us how to love and respect an individual for who he is, even if we cannot change him. Cats are a discrete and gentle presence in our life.They like some fun, but also love silence, quiet, and sometimes even solitude.

4. Cats Are Real Wonder

Cats Real Wonder

Cats allow us the luxury of bringing a marvelous piece of nature into our homes. Sleek or fluffy, in every breed and every coloration, cats possess unique charm and appeal, whether gazing with clarity into darkness, powering up that purr machine, or communicating their moods with a flick of a tail. They also remind us of their relatives, the fascinating and awe-inspiring jungle critters so endangered by today’s world. Domestic cats are very similar to their wild ancestors.And they are always beautiful, even when they get older!

5. Cats Can Tell A Lot  About Your Personality

Your choice of pet reveals something about your personality. While dog lovers tend to be the life of the party, cat owners are smart, witty and more introverted. However, they score very highly when it comes to  trustworthiness. Cat owners are also less manipulative, more sensitive and modest than other people.

6. Cats Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Cat Reduces Carbon Footprint - Blog

A 2013 study found that over its lifetime, the resources needed to feed a dog make the same Eco-footprint as that of a Hummer. Meanwhile, cats—which eat less in general and are more likely to eat fish than corn or beef flavored products—only have the approximate carbon footprint of a Volkswagen Golf. Therefore a cat is good your environment also.


7. And To Find A Partner...

Cat Helps Finding Partner

 An American poll found that 86 percent of women agreed they are more attracted to men who like animals. And while having a dog will do wonders for your dating life, a whopping 94 percent of single women said that men who own a cat are “attractive” than other guys. Listing that you own a cat on your dating profile could do wonders for the number of responses you get—but remember, a cat is for life, not just until you find a partner. 

If you’re a single guy and you can’t seem to get a date, get a cat!


We all know that cats have a reputation for being aloof and not caring about their humans, but they have saved countless lives over the years. One cat in the United Kingdom warns her human when he’s about to have an epileptic seizure, while a cat in Montana woke up it's two humans when a gas pipe started leaking. Firefighters told the couple that the house could easily have exploded if not for cat’s intervention.

One cat has even received the highest medal available to military animals. Simon the cat was on board the HMS Amethyst, which was sailing up the Yangtze in 1949 when a shell hit the ship, killing several marines and severely injuring Simon. (The event marked the beginning of the 101-day siege of the ship, which would become known as the Yangtze Incident.) Simon was fixed up, and despite being injured, performed his ship duty and started catching the rats that were threatening the ship’s food supply, as well as providing moral support for the surviving sailors. Simon died not long after the ship returned to the UK, but he was posthumously awarded the UK’s Dickin Medal, recognized as the animal Victoria Cross, for the behavior of the highest order, although the blast was capable of making a hole over a foot in diameter in a steel plate.

Finally, if you are thinking about bringing a pet. Go for a cat and you will never regret it in your life. For more feeds on cat & cat products, Reach us at Mewcatx.

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