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10 Unusual Gifts for Cat Lovers to Buy

10 Unusual Gifts for Cat Lovers to Buy

What makes a cat lover stand out from the crowd of other pet owners is their unusual obsession and dedication for their fur baby. Cat lovers are made from a different fabric.

They appreciate anything and everything related to cats but gifting another cat to your friend is definitely not a good idea.

If you're thinking about gifting another cat to your cat lover friend, Think again!

As a cat lover and owner, I know finding a perfect cat lover gift can be a tiring process. There are a lot of online stores out there with hundreds of common cat theme gifts and it's not possible to check all of them.

There are hundreds of cat theme stores with thousands of common cat lover gifts.

Here is a list of some unusual gifts for cat lovers handpicked from my personal collection.


Price: $12.89

This is a yoga stone cat lovers bracelet with a pet paw at its center. If you don't know about yoga stones...

Yoga stone plays a key role in bracelet's energetic qualities.

Cat lovers Yoga stone doesn’t really have the “look” of something that is healing, but for centuries it has been used to do exactly that.

When thinking of yoga stone it’s important to keep in mind that its origin plays a key role in its energetic qualities.



Price: $16.99

I don't know about you but I'm a coffee lover, and when I saw this black cat mug, I ordered it without wasting another second.

This mug is made of high-grade ceramic and perfect for Anniversary gift for mom, Birthday gifts for children, Gift for the girlfriend, Farewell gift for her, And definitely for any cat lover.



Price: $16.99


Made of canvas, durable, washable and easy to clean, this pouch has Cat imprinted with lovely colors. Zippers design is smooth with tight protection.

The pouch is Lightweight but has a large capacity. Design can be used as pen holder when it stands. great for storing a variety of art, pens, pencils and other small things and an ideal gift for a writer.



Price: $15.00

 Just for the cat lovers, We've curated a selection of 5 pairs of cat socks that any cat lover will adore. Best for showing a cat lover some love with this quirky, fun, unexpected treat for their feet! 

Gift for your favorite cat lover's birthday, Mother's Day, another holiday or no holiday at all. Since when do you need a holiday to show that you care?



Price: $23.00

 A very Classic and Trendy watch with unique theme design. Alloy made with a beautiful leather strip. 

This cat face watch is the best-selected gift for the cat lovers. Our geeky cat watch is available in 2 premium variants i.e. Blue and Pink.



Price: $18.18

This is one of the best handmade wallets you can gift to any cat lady. A Perfect case for iPhone 6s,7,8 &10 with Layers of interfacing and sewn with double stitching at corner seams for lasting endurance.

This unusual cat lovers gift offers you nine Credit Card Slot with the capacity to hold two to three cards per slot with One Extra Slot for your Personal I.D.



Price: $10.99

 This season you can Gift YOURSELF from An exclusive range of unusual cat ring dedicatedly made in 3 platings variants - antique silver, antique bronze and gun black.

This resizable ring is Eco-Friendly, Lead & Nickel Free and comes with beautiful packing which makes it perfect for gifts.


Price: $7.95

There is a reason why this hello kitty bracelet is the best seller with hundreds of five-star reviews. This bracelet is one of finest quality made product with low price. Available in pink with beautiful beads and silver whiskers. If you have kids in the house you can surprise them with this lovely hello kitty bracelet.



Price: $12.30

 These Cat lovers heartbeat pendants are perfect for women such as mom, grandma, aunt, girlfriend, sister, wife, but they’re not just gifts for her...

Give them an unusual gift they will love! This cat paw heartbeat pendant isn’t just a good birthday present, it’s the best gift for any holiday like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and even special occasions such as a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or housewarming.


Price: $7.99

 Our list of unusual gifts is incomplete without this paw imprint rainbow ring. This ring is perfect for all animal lovers who want to stand against animal cruelty and the best part is we share 40% of our profits for supporting homeless pets.

Show your support for animals with This Rainbow Paw Print Ring.

Made of Titanium Stainless Steel with Rainbow Paw imprints.

This ring Available in 5 sizes and Perfect for both Men & Women.


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  • Love all of them!! Thank you for showing them. Hope to see more! Be better when I’m able to purchase them. I’ll share them with my friends!

  • Love all of them!! Thank you for showing them. Hope to see more! Be better when I’m able to purchase them. I’ll share them with my friends!


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